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“A little bunny or some kind of ferret was probably there too, and bore witness as only rodents can.”
~ John Ashbery

Their teeth and tails are dead giveaways. The lack of public observation and justice on behalf of these rodents angers me. If you’re interesting in petitioning against Amy, please sign up for more details at stoperodentfeathers@notbirdsofparadise.com.

For those who capitalize on the movement of the grain, please write to freetheteats@udderlydelicious.com if you’re interested in betting on the farm.
~ V


“Sweetheart, let’s stop here and gaze at what we have. What we’ve created with all our time and emotions, that we invested in each other. And then feel its loveliness, in our skin and to our very bones.”
~ Nitya Prakash

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