r e f l e c t i o n

once i felt to be a keeper of my brother.

not once. many times. in many ways. not only my brother.

but i was told. no. ‘we’ were told.

what we felt didn’t matter.

so ‘we’ kept to ourselves. in many ways. not only to ourselves.

my response is not what he expects. he thinks i don’t care. believes i’ve given up. on him.

means he doesn’t trust that i love him. after all i’d efforted. he didn’t trust my love.

he taught me. the one i felt responsible to keep. love doesn’t equal absence of fear.

it wasn’t me he needed to find trust in. it was himself.

where do i tell him to start? i sent a photo of myself, hoping he’d see it in my eyes.

a reflection of love.

a reflection.

a reflection.