S E A S H O R E | P R E S E R V E S

How often do you forage
Dig for buried realities
Returning to present what
Was left inured to the past?

Do you ever cringe at the high
School photo, hugging an unpaid
Utility bill on one side, and a ticket
Stub to Cats on the other?

Have you found a copy of that
Dear John letter Mom wrote, only to
Wonder why she didn’t call, or why
You call her beau Dad when he isn’t?

I was looking frantically for my birth
Certificate when I stopped at a photo
I’d printed and filed with my ‘End of the
World’ grab and run backpack

Inside are flints, flares, foil blankets,
flashlights, water purifiers, NASA food,
blank paper, pens, ID cards, passports,
books, birth certificates, photos, and more

I read a disaster handbook years ago, and
Hoping to be prepared for the end of the
World, I gave birth to a backpack whose
Contents have evolved over the years

I was relieved to have found my birth
Certificate, yet filled with a jolting truth
In finding the photo, as I’d packed only
What I felt was required for survival

How often do you forage
Dig for buried realities to discover
What was recaptured from the past
Was preserved solely for the present?