Fighting darkness cycles
As if a winner or loser
Will be announced
To a waiting crowd

The ground rumbles
It’s Nike epitaph
At Hesitation Road
And Countdown Lane

Just Do It for who?

A brother in arms
Can only be held
So long

Before needs
Become a weakness
They gain strength
To turn away from

Beds are filled
In emoji sentiment
Dripping in cold
Text distraction

Pixels are but
Space to hold
Rapidly blinking
Cursors of Love

To hold Waving
Hands of goodbye
Tupperware Leftovers
From the Tsunami

Did you cook too much like me?

Then look up
To believe you
Were the only
Standing at the shore?

Odds are that
Our names will
Be announced

Losers and winners
All day.
E’ry day.

Somewhere down on
Collection Plate Street
A woman is passing
Out Heavenly Hugs
For Free

Toss the Tupperware
Accept her embrace
She’s Doing it Just for you
‘Til you remember the promised sand