Tranquility is a collapsing
– balloon
In the face of despair

Whose air is disrupted by
– death
In the face of living

Illusion is a yesterday
– typhoon
In the face of weeping

Whose wind is protected by
– numb
In the face of feeling

Life is a chattering
– woman
In the face of silence

Whose hope is remembered by
– moans
In the face of anguish

Human life begins on the far side of despair”, is a quote attributed to Jean-Paul Sartre, that after reading, and without considering its context, led me to consider the distance between the two.

In my opinion, one can’t exist without other. Despair is Life’s mistress, and each clings to the similarity of their differences, aware that human life is birthed from only one origin – nearness. Just as equally, the loss of nearness births human despair.

The idea of eternal life however, leads me to lean more into the quote, to imagine how it can provide peace to the spirit when those we love leave the earth. It makes sense that the absence of air in our lungs is also the absence of despair in our hearts, because life contains a hopelessness that requires us to fashion our own oxygen. Eternity is what releases us from the tanks of our unyielding fortitude, whose construction begins in the pairing of dissimilar continuum’s.