m a g n i f i e d

whether molded to arms or
plunged near to feet

we are a type
a someone in a cast
another sees as a

only until melting
that reveals organic deception

immobilized to the synthesis
of our dna
where we foretaste

languishing at the seat of
our periodic tables

a sensual verity of secrets
where silence seizes instinct
at the speed of sound

we are a moment of
double-blind recovery
healed by magnifying glasses

to resolve that life outside of
poetry is ceaseless redaction
of overwhelming passion

an undeniable cruelty
meted out in overtures of
glittering indifference

wherein deference
the poem becomes weapon
hugging our arms without casts

to celebrate gestation of our

where footprints design to bind
love in the careful recovery of
victorious freedom

where i dream in the absolute
sea that births your peace and

impregnates my awakening
with joy