M n e m o s y n e

The waitress returned with her coffee
She’d become a regular, and their
Generous cappuccinos topped with foam
Hearts made her feel less like a

In one year, everything will be different
She thought to herself

She took a sip and smiled
Knowing she’d nurse it for
For the next three hours
Finishing only half, to
Leave hungry

A young couple came in holding hands
Then stood in line to place their order
While gazing back and forth between one
Another’s eyes, lips, and that day’s
Special written in chalk on the wall

Wonder how far my heart will travel til then?
She thought

She opened her laptop to check mail
Before browsing the obituaries
She still wasn’t used to how much
The external noise had quieted, or
How part of life seemed to have
Just disappeared

A woman and little girl came in
With a tiny dog, stopping by the
Water bowl to let it take a sip
As they stood there, a man joined
Them and they all moved to sit at
A nearby table

I wonder what that feels like?
She thought

She pulled a journal from her
Bag, along with several books
She’d taken inspiration from
An email notification popped up
It was a subscription update

The overhead music is too loud.
She thought

She couldn’t decide how to
Balance being too optimistic
With being too realistic
She knew the middle had a
Tone of self-righteousness

Indoor light and sunlight should be options.
She thought

A man wearing a business suit
Sat down at the table across
From her and immediately pulled
Out his phone to write a message
Before standing up to greet
His companions seconds later

Not too many hanging out alone today
She guessed

She stared at her computer screen
Then looked at her journal filled
With an assortment of mishmash
Before opening one of the books
To pause at a romantic passage

Observing companionship is distracting
She thought

Suddenly she knew what to write
As her pen moved so did her heart
And tears fell into her words
She felt the optimism and realism
Drown righteousness off the page

I have no one to share this with
She thought

So that her tears would not
Distract the brightness, unity
Love and music she’d desired
To be a part of for just a moment
She left

She’d returned the next day
Then the day after that
Because the loitering hurt
And she’d decided to continue
Going, until it didn’t

She’s still a regular
They still serve her coffee
With a heart
And the customers always
Remind her of something she
Has no memory of

Sometimes it heals those
With amnesia
To show them pictures of
The past

Sometimes it heals those
With pictures of the past
To acquire amnesia through
Silent commune with others in
The present