With your love, I contemplate the discoloration of my ring finger, and it serves as a reminder that my skin has been darkened by decades of sorrow, but that with the presence of your life, my spiritual hand has found light and strength to continue on…


Every time he sees her he says
“Wow, you’ve gained weight!”
She smiles before looking down
At the ring on his finger

Its definition eluded her
It seemed like a rosary one
Might use for confession, to
Count away decades with tears

No words she had for him, she’d
Long ago decided he was no longer
Worth the passion in her words
Passion and words were all that


That, and the weight he found
The weight she was carrying
That was his

She wondered if she should change
Her legal name to Mary Grace
Anything that might give them
All a reason to support her Hell

How do they not see that the
Sugars from the fruit of her
Womb has left her swollen, and
Blind to her blessings amongst

Women ?

She retreats home in silence
Undressing before the mirror
Wondering whether now might be
The hour of her death

She steps into the shower
Confused about which sinners
To pray for — and why being
A mother has been filled with
Blasphemous Sorrow

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