I N H A L I N G / F A I R Y / D U S T

[ E x h a l i n g . L o v e ]

How much money do
You make to write ?
They ask

Did you laugh
At assumption ?

When the roof falls
Does it grow back
Naturally ?

What do you receive
In Exchange
For the losses seldom
Considered growth ?

Where is the window
You are to leave open
And the pillow (s) that
Hides your gift (s) ?

How does the fairy know
Of your homelessness ?
Does she never stay ?

What is the purpose of
Money in the bank, when
There is no heart to be
Withdrawn from ?

Tell them to ask you
About Love
How much to beget
Before prospering

Tell them triumph
Can’t be flagged
By failures hitchhike

Show them how it
Arrives by walking
In faith
Thumbing through pain

Reading Love out loud
To a silently writing


Ask them
What they earn
For the privilege
To write