Dear Readers,

I am taking a break from this blog for a while. I’m not sure it’s a worthy announcement by post, but it seems the most respectful thing to do for those who stop by daily.

My reason(s)? 

They are varied, and some are slightly unclear. I’ve dedicated time each day to this space, and I’m not sure it’s the best place for me to spend time anymore. I’m not sure if daily writing has been like my regular patronage at coffee shops, which stopped in the realization that in clinging to the belief of waking myself up, I was ironically keeping myself asleep.

When I walk away from sharing my thoughts, most of the time, I’d like to feel lighter or to know I’ve helped someone else feel lighter, but lately, my heart feels heavier. External energies are surrounding my words, and while some are quite supportive, others are battling my expression. Rather than keep myself in the middle, I’m taking a step back, to catch the balls of love your support has sent up to the sky, which will sustain me while I take a break on the bench of uncertainty. Soon enough, the energies that battle me will foul out.

I aim to return with a lighter heart, and with words of similar consistency, yielding greater light than dark. When I do return, this will become a private blog, and if you are still interested in following, there will be a link to request access.

I’ve not put up an About Me page, but if you are interested in staying in touch, feel free to write to me, at validarity@protonmail.com.

EDIT 09-01-2019
Not one to stay still for too long, my awhile has meant two days. I’ve decided to start a new blog to generate new energy, so there will be no new posts to this site. If you are interested in visiting, please find me at Laura Lynn Vala.

Thank you, and be well,