What do you need to abandon to be capable of everything planted within you?

Once upon a time, my father thought it was me
He has learned to differentiate his responsibilities from his capabilities

Once upon a time, my mother thought it was me
She has learned to differentiate her womb from her gifts

Once upon a time, I thought it was me
I have learned to differentiate the penetration of Earth from the penetration of Love

Our responsibilities, our womb, and tethering to Earth cannot be abandoned
As much as we may wish it to be so

So, it is ideas I’ve abandoned

The Idea

That lack of confidence is a lack of belief
Because forced blinding can prevent one from knowing
Their value as the beneficiary of a chosen inheritance

That blind constitution is a mirror image of faith
Because meekness and ignorance are not primed to deliver
The same results, as only one, must rely on luck

That a will of iron does not cry
Because our tears are not weak when they create storms
That makes all things new

That we must starve before understanding hunger
Because when one begs for food, and we feed them,
There is an understanding that we are both hungry

That the suffering of today is not the suffering of tomorrow
Because history cannot bury holocausts of the soul
That have no fervent end

That saying please and thank you is enough
Because thankfulness for pleasure is sometimes silent
But always requires action

That saying I’m sorry is not enough
Because sorrow and regret is a futile paradox requiring
Neither words nor actions to reap the pain of self-punishment

That the joining of lips cannot reverse suffocation
Because a kiss can rescue us from drowning
And teach us to breathe in a whole new life

That bitterness cannot be made sweet
Because our hands are the recipes of

That the stairways to heaven lead to God
Because He hides in plain sight upon the beaches of Earth
Resting under his own sun and waiting for us
Desiring that we understand there is no need to climb to be near Him