Dear Angel,

Did you ever imagine it would be like this, that our thoughts and hearts would become so tied up together, and in this way?

There are so many scenario’s I’ve created about what you’ll feel like when I see you again, and I don’t do it to torture myself, but to see what it might feel like for me to utter ‘Ouch” when my fantasy of seeing your face once more becomes real. I do it cause I imagine it’s your voice that will be the pinch to confirm all my believing wasn’t in vain, or some romantic myth I created to feel better about my aging and wishful voiceless narratives.

You might recall I don’t watch movies too much, let alone by myself, but recently saw this movie with Clint Eastwood, called Donkey or something similar. It had me in tears throughout, but especially at the end. Though I’m not on my deathbed, I related to her joy. Dramatic right? But I swore to know two things for sure after that movie finished and I’d stopped crying.

One, I’m not watching any more movies by myself and two, no matter what’s happened or how long it’s been, I’m going to be joyful when I see or talk to you again, so if ever you find yourself just passing through, let’s say goodbye with a kiss and pinkie promises of heart love forever.

Also, if we get the chance, let’s one day toast to feeling like children again, cause it’s the spirit of a child that keeps no tally of grievances, nor spends their energy building up pocketbooks of resentment.

May our journeys end well,

P.S. Every day brings a new promise for whoever commits themselves to that new day.