If they could
They would tiptoe
Hop from key to key
As if from rock to rock
In a living stream
My fingers
As they type
Their way to you

If I learn to write with
Such gentleness
That it causes you to
Stand still and stare
Neither adjusting your
Countenance nor
Disguising the aplomb
Unselfishly occupied
Within your nature

Until effortlessly you
Reach out to
Pluck me from the
Phantom dance along
Our sculptured stems
That in darkness yields
The scent of flight
Born of magnificent
Kindred divinity
We would fly with
More than fir

Our wings would
Join in proud rage
Like righteous flames
That call whales from
The commune of paleo
Voiceless seas

To demonstrate
That there exists
Architectured Light
Along the somber crackling
Vibratory current of Sound

If it could

Our touch would
For a moment
Transform us to
Egyptian Fireflies
Whose wings produce
Devotional pyramids

In the hieroglyphics of our