Ilma Gelassen’s Coat of TALES

Ilma Gelassen worked in the lighthouse
If you knew her like I knew her
You’d think she made it up
And working

She laid claim
To a luminous ocean friendship
A secret camaraderie with birds
And a blood pact with the sun

She told me wishes
Were like the ships
She guided home

They go way out
Forgetting what they
Wished for

She said her pact with
The sun gave her courage
Cause when it rested
She shined
And when it shined
She rested

One day I asked about
The secrecy with birds
She smiled and said
They were just a dream

That’s why I didn’t
Think she worked in

That and the fact
That feathers fell from her
Back whenever she
Walked away from me

That only happens when
A bird is touched
And since I didn’t lay
A hand on her

I knew she was on her
Way home

Tail feathers and all

“…I see every sun set
And with all that I’ve learned, oh
It’s to you, I will always
Always return…”

~ Bryan Adams / Robert Lange / Hans Zimmer ~