The longer she played hide and seek, the more she understood he never wanted to see her again. Late one evening, she was found with her face buried in a corner, crying and counting at the same time.

A ghost softly touched her back, and she turned, screaming at not seeing anything. As she scanned the darkened room for shadows, she heard a voice ask, “Why are you crying and counting?”

She stood still and replied, “Because numbers are infinite and it matches my hope and my love for another. I’m crying because I discovered true sorrow!” she screamed out.

“Who holds the patent?” the ghost asked.

“The patent? For numbers? Love? Or do you mean sorrow?” she questioned.

“All,” the ghost answered.

“I dunno,” she answered after a few minutes of thought.

“It isn’t you,” the ghost answered.

“Okaaayyyy. So are you one of those ghosts that go around insulting the living?” she asked angrily.

“Noooo. Not I. I’m one of those sarcastic ghosts that go around telling people to use the light from their fire and to stop counting,” the ghost said before flying away as a sudden burst of lightning struck inside the room.

In the brightness of the room, she could just make out his silhouette in the opposite corner. He appeared to be holding his hands in front of his face while mumbling into them. Counting.

The ghost’s exit revealed the fires in our hands, and the leash at our feet.

Patience and waiting sometimes feels like an unending time out, where you’re not even playing the game of life well enough to sit on the benches and watch.

Truth is, you’re greater than good, and should observe little to nothing of the game, lest risk comparing yourself to what you see when life is intended to be played in a way unique only to you.

There’s no one waiting to be you, except you. So don’t count further than ten, let your fire loosen your leash, keep moving and remain incomparable.

“What you seek is seeking you.”