stationed within a vineyard
music, jubilee occupied itself
with leave, sick

merchants slander beggars
groves, absent souls, the

vessels continue, feeling

consummating an unbinding
torment, tips are spread

as the bar tends her, coins

wealth in exchange for one
parable, the woman locked in a
trunk, with desire

she wore a vineyard scented of
pine, birds pecked her head
in escape

she fights without words, haunts
him, grappling against her restored

how many glasses before he is
purple, before the pain smells
natural, like her?

ashes flew around the fire and
one million years passed before
looking up

pain is scented like silent and
breathless speech, with no
thing to follow

be yellow, and you are natural;
become another, and there shall be
no scent

eyes dripping of caramel find
persuasive, a moment filled
with cream and whips

one moment becomes all,
life becomes sweet