I washed my hair today but grabbed the conditioner and put it in my hair instead of shampoo. I’d added tons because I like that q-tip head thing that only shampoo can do but ultimately ended up almost falling on my ass because I’d made the tub so slippery.

Hygiene isn’t something I plan to write about regularly, but I’m sharing this instance to explain how I ended up at a particular thought train depot. After rinsing the tub out a million times, I began to wonder how I’m conditioning my children. Bet you’re thinking, “Ah, totally makes sense.” Or not.

So too much conditioning might mean a fall in the bathtub and too little shampoo might mean dirty hair, but this fails to take into account an entire population of people, most notably those without hair. The answer may be a need to incorporate psychophysiology into the parent syllabus toolkit, not for hygienic purposes but for general day to day living. Since there’s no way to predispose a child to the entire world, discovering ways to predispose them to their entire selves seems a sulfate-free way to approach their creative control centers without creating permanent irritation.

After boarding, I couldn’t find a seat on the train that would provide an objective view, so I got off and walked here. On the way, I began to wonder when it is that the third Newtonian law gets broken and realized I had no way to measure the balance and impact between physical and spiritual creativity, yet something within feels that the most auspicious creations in history come from spheres of imbalance that science has no finite way to corroborate.

At-will self control in an uncontrollable world follows no laws while maintaining the ability to invoke peace that breaks barriers existing between spiritual expression and physical resistance