Three hours left to meet my self-imposed deadline. Write once a day and hit ‘Publish.’

Habits. Not so great good or bad. Cause they cause static in the natural flow. It’s all relative, though. I didn’t come up with that, and it wasn’t explained that way at all, but I almost agree, except that I enjoy having teeth at the moment and would probably enjoy a six-pack on the inside, plus a few other things besides.

Speaking of kids, mine aren’t sure how old I am so they asked, and I threw out a number. My daughter said, “Wow, really?” The number was eighty-six, and I honestly didn’t know if the “Wow” was a compliment or an insult. One of my older sons suddenly became age horrified and demanded I provide a real number. They seemed to settle on the one I gave that added ten years to the truth. I’m refusing to spend too much time on what that means.

Speaking of time, my black Peace has turned into brown Dog. Initially, I was going to write this post about a question that came to me as I was petting her earlier today, but she started purring, and when I looked down at her it suddenly seemed that what I was going to delve into was too heavy. She’s been following me around a lot lately, and if I shut the door to a room I’m in she cries for entry, then settles herself next to me. I’d always thought that behavior was a dog thing. Maybe I was wrong.

Speaking of maybe, I presume it to be a shitty way to approach a question. It could be that at this moment, I can’t think of a circumstance where maybe is the real answer. I could be wrong.

Speaking of could be, isn’t that a synonym for maybe?

Speaking of synonyms, this particular blog has been at times questionable for me, and I think I’m still here because of the invisible ‘safe zone’ dances I’m choosing to believe are real. So thank you, followers.

Speaking of followers, I can’t recall the last time I let a blog get to 50 before cleaning house, but like the dance, there’s something different this time, so, I’m leaving everything as is; unfinished stories stacked in corners, misplaced subjects strewn about and perhaps an overall sense of chaos.

Speaking of chaos, welcome.

I hope you feel at home and howl at the moon as I dance