A while back,
I stopped working
I stopped singing
I stopped dancing
I shut everything down

Is it the friend or the enemy that shows us where our weak points are?
To show is to tell and wherever there is a tell, there are hand[s] that must be exposed. Where there is exposure, there is a target, and when you find yourself hunted, you can be sure there is a game being played.

A deer, when realizing it is being hunted, doesn’t play. It runs. For its life. Man’s dilemma, should he choose to imbibe one, is to determine whether the hunter chasing him is friend or enemy.

Too often, friends and enemies appear to us with seemingly more similarities than differences. However, if you observe them, you will find that only one runs an individual race of perpetual pestilence whilst simultaneously summoning a tribal crowd of horned globsters.

We are always in the path of another’s pestilence, and the only borders we can secure are the retaining walls of our mind because it is not enough to secure the gates of our heart, they are the enemies first strike and intended trample.

When your mind is secure, you will find clarity amongst the monkeys, the insecure guerrillas using attrition warfare in the hopes you will “sit” and “stay” like a dog obedient to its owner’s commands.

It’s taken me a while to restart, but I feel blessed in discovering how to fuck the monkeys with zero effort. In prayer, I give thanks for the power of the banana peel. Eventually, every owner of fuckery slips up on their own running habits.

It is not the enemy that pushes you forward in your own race, it is only the friend. They cry when you cry and revel when you revel.

I work
I sing
I dance
I’m back online
Wearing skates

We must not “sit” and we must not “stay” in places where our mind’s artistry has been deemed worthy of invisibility and replaced with alien forms of aesthetic beauty that playfully hides the gravity of its deep anguish and suffering beneath our skins, then asks us to carry it in order to weaken our borders and allow attack troops to infiltrate our mind, having already destroyed our hearts.

We must make Love to receive Change


  1. Elan Mudrow says:

    Good luck and welcome back to creativity.


    1. valitussum says:

      Thank you 🙂


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