We get hot, but this is not the [reason] we like the cold. Air.
It is [
needed] to create snowflakes. In our sleep.
We’ve been working on a [
castle]. For sixty years. In the [sun].
It is too [
hot] for anyone to visit. Our [eyes] refuse to shut.
What do we [
see]? Are we wearing clothes? In the [dream].
We don’t know how to [
sleep]. Without [air]. Ice.
We continue [
building]. In the sun. A castle. We [melt].
We get strong, but this is not the [
reason] we like the sun. Shine.
It is
[needed] to create fire. From [heart]. Storms.
They [
moved] in. Redecorated [walls]. Sold us. Out.
We buy [
burning] thoughts. Evict tenants. Walls [explode].
We [
sleep]. Snowflakes fall. Our castle is [complete].
We see Everything