My doctor said I had cataracts
I disagreed
Said they’re sunspots
She laughed
Asked me what sunspots were
I laughed

“It’s what happens
When the camera shutter dies
Where things we did thinking
No one was looking lives

I know where you live doc
How many kids you got
Your high school GPA
Your love of strawberries

I know you hate your husband
And want to marry your girlfriend
You regularly bet on horses
With your husband’s savings

You are pregnant now
With another mans child
Your abortion is scheduled
For this Friday at 10:00am

Don’t be so alarmed
I don’t want your money
I got sunspots of my own
Not cataracts though
Not cataracts”

My doctor said I was crazy
I disagreed
Said I was the messiah
She laughed
Asked me what a messiah was
I laughed

“I’m what happens
When the camera shutter lives
Where the things we did thinking
Everyone was looking dies

I know where you die doc
How many ghosts you hide
Your high school fears
The hatred of your body

I know your husband loved you
And you are using your girlfriend
You believe money is happiness
You want others to suffer your pain

Your child is an opportunity
To accept a new role
You’ve been entrusted
With eternal life

You should be alarmed
I’m here to reconcile souls
I’m working on one of my own
Not crazy though
Not crazy”

My doctor said I was a cow
I laughed and agreed
“A sun-spotted cow. That I am!”