You are both passive and aggressive
Though not at the same time
In our portraits, you seem shy
Becoming someone, something else
When cameras disappear
I’d like to film you passively
In the splendor of your aggression
In pleasures may you conceive
Dripping formations in our cave
Until we are fused pillars
Stalagmite masterpieces
Proving Cupid’s success
Menos’ slave has conspired
To uphold our noble vision in song
In the spirit of aristocrat’s
His music is oddly written
Painted in geometric patterns
We will dance with the Bacons’
Both Francis and Robert
Francis will stay for breakfast
Robert will honor us for lunch
At dinner, we’ll conspire and rewrite
The oppressive cardinal rules
Using the ink from Homer’s pens
In honor, we share these ropes
Never being uncomfortably bound
In Love