Dear Troy,

Attempting to keep abreast of the happenings in Greece has been a challenge because the news station presentations here do little to expose the truth, so please accept my apology for these late communications as I’ve just received word of the daily evacuations and searches in your tiny village.

These obstructions to freedom, no doubt have significantly impacted your social schedule. I’ve temporary neighbors from your area on holiday, and they’ve mentioned that it is possible to host large gatherings but that you must receive approval and have all guests chauffeured to your home. The guards will continue to sweep the grounds hourly, but there will be more of them.

Wanting to elicit a chuckle, I regaled them with your story of the old woman that waves hello to you each morning while walking her black sheep. You were correct that telling a black sheep joke might be taken offensively as they didn’t crack a smile. It must be difficult being such a distance from home, but please know you are never far from my thoughts and are always in my heart.

The phones in my area have been much like all lines of communication. There are mixes, drops and static, but please do continue trying to get through as I’m sure to pick up when your distinct tone reveals itself on my screen. In the interim, I will continue to write and include photos of our local exploits.

I look forward to hearing your voice again.

Love Always,

P.S. You were right! I finally wore the silk dress you sent, and though I wore it only to run errands, it was delicious on my skin, and it felt lovely to be less covered than usual. It is still only to you that my complete self remains revealed and I am grateful for your gift as it’s helped me feel freer to color outside the boundaries of home.

May the love we give and receive be of inspiration to spur our coloring outside the lines just a little more than usual and may we find discernment between unnatural public presentation and passionate private display.