She didn’t know what to say but her body began talking as all she’d rehearsed in her mind was divulged without words.  She’d planned to speak slowly, clearly and intentionally but when she looked into his eyes it all changed. She had questions and she had answers but many could only be communicated with their bodies.

She wanted to put her hands on his bare chest, to watch his hands strip her bare, to melt into him.  She’d never felt this much passion for anyone in her life so when she opened her mouth no sound escaped. 

It was him she wanted to be filled with. The full vibrational sound of him. 

She glanced down at his hand and reaching out she held it before slowly guiding it into her. “I want you…” she whispered as his hands began to explore “…inside of me.” she finished just before her breath caught.

His eyes never left hers.

When she opened her eyes she realized the wetness on her fingers had cum from the dream. From him and the dream.

Glitter. Gold. Skin. Très magnifique.