Welcome to Love Bubble Studio!

Come in and make yourself comfortable or uncomfortable. Whichever you find fits best after the tour.

On the left hand side you’ll find custom decor, much flown in from various parts of the globe. It is the only part of the bubble room considered abstract. You will see that nothing matches the thing next to it and in all cases its placement will make no sense.

Now if you please move your eyes to the bubble in the middle of the room. You should know I studied textiles abroad for several years so what you see here is in stark contrast to the left. Some have called it cohesive because although various incongruent textures have been forcibly married it has been done so in a color scheme that most of you will find aesthetically calming, sort of like yin and yang.

Finally I’d like to direct you to the right bubble of the room where I’ve fashioned Newtonian wax figures and crab apples alongside Darwinian landscapes where for five cents you can watch six minutes of King Kong in a silk-lined kaleidoscope cave but you’ll need to take your shoes off first or else the giant spiders will mistake you for food. Yes, the spiders are real.

So there you have it. The spectrum from which to choose your bubble seat before we embark upon the next ride. Are there any questions?

Ah, very good.

For those who didn’t hear the question, the chap in the very back asked which bubbles have music. Most of you in attendance today know my thoughts on sound waves but I’ll share them again so you all know.

Everything you find here was created in waves and I’ve been a lifetime surfer so everything I’ve made is a song even when it doesn’t jive with traditional definitions of music. I can tell you the bubble room on the left was created with the softest music and while this may seem ironic it really isn’t. It is the most confounding art that requires us to turn up our senses to hear what is being said.

I hope I’ve answered your question and I thank everyone for stopping by the Love Bubble Studio today!

Please stay as long as you like and when you leave please stop by the kiosk out front where I’ve put together a bubbles love package that includes a surprise as well as some of these same materials in model size should you wish to create something unique from your experience with Love that you’d like to share.

United we connect into a sphere of Love