When I think of him it’s easy to write.  It’s because he is everywhere such that I find inspiration in every part inside of me and all the parts scattered. Outside.

The children I see each day are so simple in their needs, so open in expressing them even when they don’t know the words to use.

A boy falls and loses a tooth.  He approaches in blood and tears, the fear clearly written between the dirt tracks on his face.  He needs a hug, a word of reassurance and a bandaid.  Then, his world is well.

A girl is estranged from her mother due to divorce from her father. The sadness is clearly written in her eyes that ask to stay just one more day. She needs to know the extra seat at the kitchen table is hers and that when dinner is made, it is for her also.  She needs a hug without any questions asked. Then, her world is well.

A boy of two wanders the grounds unattended as his mother takes a break to smoke nearly a block away.  He no longer wears diapers, needs to urinate and somehow knows that nature is thirsty.  He pulls his pants down and waters the roses.  When he pulls them up I ask where his mother his as his sister of five approaches and answers in gibberish. We can’t hug everyone or know what they need and as much as it may seem obvious we can’t always know for sure so in those times we pray their world is well and if it isn’t, that it be made so.

With age it’s easier to wrap our needs in convoluted expressions because adults sometimes lose faith in simplicity, in its authenticity because it is to be childlike and to be childlike is against the grain of what so many of us have been taught. Sadly much of what we were taught was simply untrue, especially as it related to who we are.

I observe the children and sometimes marvel that they all know who they are and that it isn’t until we question them that they begin to mold themselves into what they think we might like better than what we claim to see but they don’t know how much an adults vision may have been clouded by pain and therefore may not be able to see how wonderfully made they already are and how unchanged their hearts need be.

Although adults tend to complicate love we need only look at a child to know that love is really such a simple thing.