Designing and drawing petticoats was my first project in art class and one technique that worked very well for me was to orientate the clothing upside down and move forward wrong side up. It helped to focus my perspective so well that I attempted to use the same technique in other subjects and later on in life.

There is a tangibility of purpose handed down by many a guardian, school system and society which never quite reaches our mind when we hang ourselves upside down suspended by the branch of a tree. If you consider that you’ve never done this, consider it again because we have all been wrong side up at some point in life.

There exists a basic Buddhist precept of “do no harm” that I once associated with a question of how best to love others so as to follow that precept. It was to look upside down in order to draw a portrait of purpose, a drawing uniquely designed for each individual I’d encounter. Intangible.

No longer am I hanging upside down and no longer do I associate that precept with the question of love.

If I say “My purpose is to do no harm” yet also say “My purpose is to love” I still must choose the way because harm is subjective to the receiver as love is subjective to the giver.

The design and drawing of petticoats was nothing I’d ever done before that art class and it seemed I was a natural because when turning my paper right side up the art was of professional quality as deemed by several experienced instructors.

Purpose is similar in this way. We may practice it, take classes or question it but in the end it is the intangible part of us that yields professional quality results in its nature that practice and study can only enhance.

Loving purposefully may in the short-term harm the giver or receiver but risking harm and loving anyways is a long-term plan because all harm allowed into ones life will ultimately serve their good whether or not we are aware.

So we mustn’t fret too much about the karma wheel or where upon it we judge ourselves to be as it spins. Like life, time and love, it never stops turning and every turns final destination is always the junction to love.