Awareness is written inside the heart
When, Why and Where do not co-exist

We are not fire
Yet will be flamed
Never to burn

As comfort is sought from outside
Body and mind shall not find rest

We are not knives
Yet will be stabbed
Never to bleed

Mental distortions purchase bias
To spend ideas of imperfection

We are not guns
Yet will be shot
Never to die

Creating life is logical flaw
Finding it a greater delusion

Set the child on a path of discovery
Set the warrior on a path of peace
Set the soul on a path of love

We say, “Explore and be joyful!”
Then do not say that joy demands misery

We break bread with our fellow man
Then do not aggregate our emptiness

We spin fully out of control
Then face inward towards direction of truth

emptied of existence, resting in perfection, an emotional echo