It is time to prepare dinner but I’m tired and the children have digitally shape-shifted
Though admittedly I’m not far behind

Groundedness is the gift awarded for acknowledging needs seen and unseen
Most of the ground lies behind and beneath the scenes

I turn off the oven, start the dishwasher and while it seems a backdoor entry to dinner
It is really the corridor exit from lunch that no one walked completely through

Only moments before there was a count of two girls but now there are three
They are dancing, laughing and singing songs too mature for their age

There is a longing for silence, solitude, rest or maybe just a home that cleans itself
A unknown young boy enters in tears to display bloody injuries and I become a paramedic

Needs, passions and obsessions are passages underlined in my current chapter
They’ve been the focus, highlight and passage of my unwinding time

I am reminded of work, how it has transitioned to something I’ve no name for
Wandering from room to room I forget what my hands intended to manifest

As I pretend to remember the littles approach to ask what I’m making for dinner
I tell them it’s a surprise, shoo them away and ponder what to make with an old cucumber and can of black beans

Several more children walk into my room and I remember to buy a lock
They are looking for a cat and finding none strum a guitar instead

Something within has split to maximize the output of love and I wonder
Is it my personality?