My mind presented me with several options then asked me to choose one so I visualized myself standing in a dark cave poised to exit but with those options standing before me as people, each holding out their arm Vanna White style towards the exit which appeared as a ring of light.  From my vantage point each Vanna White was identical just like the scenery on the other side.

If I stared long enough the options merged into one until it was clear there weren’t as many choices as believed, in fact there were none.  After awhile I wondered whether exiting the cave was the same as entering it.

Undecided I built a fire to better see the inscriptions carved into the walls as my evening dawn sparked a memory of seas dusted in charcoal where miners were invited to picnic in fields of lemon grass below hanging fruits, rotted ancestors lined, aged, absent promise and full of skeletal regret.

It remains.  

Morning could not come because night held me captive and lonely, less featured than motioning words dared to picture. Wine streamed between cracks in the cave walls so quickly I drew my mouth everywhere until music was created in the echo of swallowing. Everywhere the light bounced my mouth was illuminated, my lips dripping in the intoxication he’d found a way to gift me from afar when once my legs were wrapped around his buttocks, my arms around his back and gripping him I was the vine and he the vineyard.

I decided to prepare sky lanterns from the sobering bones caved before me, inscribe them with grapes of madness and shave them down until reaching paled marrow and with their blood and mine paint liquid wings on every surface within reach until my mouth had its fill of wine and feathers, until the cave walls exploded to reveal a night sky begging for directions to its own constellations to lift my lanterns from the dirt, pluck vineyards from earth and free wings from walls until finally we land together in a ritual body bath.

There we find the illusion of option cleansed from our skin as love guides the wheel of sunlight to dazzle the ocean, spin the moon and prepare our hearts to dance under the standing ovation of the stars.