Greek sweetens her coffee
Teasing doves of dulled English
Pierced by listless hunger
In tedious solitude he watches
Etching her Spanish lips in frost
Steadfast, reverent and retired
She buds plaintive in sticky shrines
Dripping dew wild in wonton woe
Balancing the musicians sword
Pierced by ears intimately abused
Sculptured in robes of blindness
Flanked by dignified facades
Pulsating matchless skepticism
Debtors become creditors
Cheeks become rain
Fluid become solid
Passion murmurs aching
Sacredly enticed by melancholy

Distanced as rainbows weave
Wreaths of fear
Strangling shadows
Unspoiled by hope
Straw-like muses
Move with silent gust
Buildings leak
In beauty she watches
Solitude purpose vision
Awakening providence
Building wonders
Blessing foundations

Moving souls
Sweetening caramel
Alas, The Kiss