“Coordinates, just the coordinates please” she said to the calculating English man.

Awaiting instruction she stretched forward to check her reflection in the rearview mirror and wondered whether adding more glitter would distract him from the want in her eyes.  Deciding nothing would do to hide it she sat back and laughed at all the times she’d hidden it before while still he always saw, always knew. 

The wise Englishman spoke to let her know that if she chose an alternate route she would see him in twenty minutes. Thanking him silently she drove out of the parking lot feeling surreal.

Only an hour before she’d been sitting on her bed to weigh the scales of curiosity and lust because she was torn about what to wear and couldn’t decide if they were the same.  If they weren’t the same she’d take a conservative approach and wear the standards beneath pants and a button up.  If they were the same she’d wear a soft skirt, forego underwear and risk where their embrace might take them.

Curiosity was tangled within lust where nuptial vows insist on unwrapping the unimagined until skin becomes wallpaper in the push to release pillars from their positions of artless stoicism in order to mold the other in ceramic clay bowls firing internal kilns and using fingers like children to eat the others creations that they not become like explorers of the world whose photos and memories fade into cracks of extravagance mixed within sidewalks of poverty where the melody of childhood grinds the present to a halt frozen at the sight of the what they’d become, a man and woman playing hopscotch and face to face for having changed the rules, unsure, each with one leg poised like a ballerina above a numbered box and musical in their silence.

Their heads turn from side to side in recognition of the songs exposed in the spinning enchantment of the other and the inspiration to play dims to become overshadowed by the inspiration to touch and dance forward to release the paused melody of childhood. 

She couldn’t conjure the words to explain what her mouth, hands and body wanted to say but heard the music and envisioned their dance so put on a dress prepared ad libitum for all forms of expression.