She refused to get pregnant or wear the lilting dawn
It reminded her of them and their rising pink penises

She hid near the stream because it heard her begging
Then wrapped her immigrant wails below the surface
Tying them to rocks before holding her back
A floating intimacy she neither fought nor understood

The untrusting sun hid their bodies to burn hers to nakedness
In thirst she drank the water in her eyes they filled her with
The undercurrent delivered her white underwear to the surface
Stifled cries so in need of air the rocks could not keep them down
Now pink like the setting sun she stared
Cotton and blood encircled by sparks of crystallized gold
Floating like her they shined

She slept downstream for thirty years
Traveling the basements of heaven
A foreigner in search of hidden things
Beneath the surface of every starry night

Pages etched in gold were found at her feet
Proverbs directing her to seek for hidden treasure
Obedient she vowed to search forever for her youth
That upon discovery she be found worthy to teach others to dive