She directed him to approach the man with a gift, a man she knew would see him as a stranger.  The man shook his head and said, “I don’t want it” and walked away appearing offended.  

He returned and asked his mother “Why?” and remembering the many times she experienced the same she said, “The world sometimes tries to teach people that love and kindness aren’t free and unfortunately some people believe that but don’t think on it any more because you need that energy to complete the work before us.”

He was upset at the answer and she knew he felt rejected but before becoming a man she wanted him to witness, feel and learn to separate the worlds reaction to his gifts and talents from him as a person, that he practice placing energy on the continuity of creativity and giving rather than on the perception of not being received.

Had we money to feed millions such that we tossed bills in the air to be grabbed by those inclined we might be trampled to death.  Instead we’ve all been gifted reservoirs of love that we remain constantly challenged to align with so that our aim has the impact intended while not leaving us so exposed we become depleted. 

Gather as many as you can around the well of your purpose so they may drink and then feel how love quenches the heart with flavors of peace, hope and freedom.  Some will drink little and some will drink much but know that moment by moment you like them are being replenished and refreshed.  

Know that on some days you will be the one gathered at the well and holding a cup in your thirst for justice or the will to continue on.  You may drink little and you may drink much but know that moment by moment they like you are being replenished and refreshed.    

The currency of Love spins hope in the spending of itself.  Every turn be it deemed wrong or right is an opportunity left in our hands that in opening, stretching and reaching out to others can enrich souls until the end of time.