The way they encouraged her to shine you would think she was a dusty old dresser shut away in a mansion and walking the earth covered like a ghost. 

Lemon pledges didn’t cause her to shine any brighter in her permanent allegiance to love. Maybe they mistook her for cork board or rubber wood not realizing she’d been carved from oak because her appearance was highly dependent on how she’d been refinished for a particular gallery event.

She’d grown up distressed with the stories placed within and atop of her yet she never cracked or crumbled beneath the weight. 

She couldn’t remember a moment she’d slept without God’s word, even on the days she was commissioned to hold dirty secrets and hide the evidence of sin.  She’d been bled on many a time but not once did she ever bleed outside of her skin.

She never forgot the times she was surrounded by screaming and fighting nor all the times she’d been kicked for doing nothing but standing her ground. Even when her hardware could not be fully replaced she kept just enough screws to successfully maintain her purpose.

It occurred to her she may have been holding their glasses because they didn’t appear to see that it wasn’t shine that created diamonds any more than it was leaves that created the oak.  

When a drivers rear window is full of dirt it doesn’t mean the driver can’t see where they have left or where they are going and when “Clean Me” is written on their window it is through the touch of blind judgement that uninvited fingers walk. 

Unless we see from our hearts from inside out then beauty, strength and evolution may easily appear to be dim or dull.  To make a pledge with the fruit of the spirit and find home within ones nature is the essence of shining. Those of ‘dark’ nature form allegiances with love that is no less committed than those of ‘light’ nature.  

As we arrange and rearrange according to the needs of the sculptor it helps to remember that we are not strangers to a world that tends to recognize and venerate sculptures only when deemed complete but then recognition of everlasting life too becomes a conundrum.