Have you ever been held?

Not the kind of holding we expect from the parents and caregivers of newborns or the kind teachers give to students who scrape their knees on the blacktop at recess.  Not the kind we give when our favorite team wins or loses nor the kind given to those who’ve witnessed a loved one pass away. 

There is a holding some receive without a precipitating event, one that does not beckon you near because you’ve just arrived or are on your way out.  

Have you ever been held in spirit?

Not the kind we expect from the priest as he baptizes you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost nor the kind some pray to who exist only in other realms.

There is a holding some receive without utterance of faith, beliefs or Demi-gods.

Have you ever been held in space?

Not the kind televised by NASA nor the kind we make room for to welcome overnight visitors into our home.

There is a holding some receive effected by the butterfly that colors their wings.

Do not wonder whether all has been romanticized or whether truth will break the boughs that hold the innocence and wonder of invisible vows. 

Do not wonder whether being held so lightly foretells a fall.  

Do not wonder whether the vibration of your heart has lifted the hearts of others even when you prayed for its silence.

Know there are hands upon your shoulders that rest not to nudge, push or redirect but to squeeze, not to remind you of your strength or of how much weight you can carry but to help you remember what it feels like to be supported in the stretch, to know there is no further tearing you need endure without pillars of reinforcement, to remain positive in the building of foundations appointed to your soul as it waves goodbye to seasons of discontent.  

We have always been children and have always been held, even as pain left us numbed to the grace that kept one foot moving in front of the other, the steps that led us to each other.

Know that you have been held long before me and that the grace you find in others is known only in recognition of your own.

Know that you have been held long after me and that the peace you recognize in others was given first to you.

Do not wonder whether one who does not believe in time is waiting. There is no time, no wait or patience required.

All that exists is freedom. To hold.

Not as one might attempt to hold the ocean in their palm but as one might stand in witness to hold memory of the receding concerts between sunrise and sunset that transitions each day to reception of hopeful waters that wash unending over their heart.

The witness holds memory solely to paint pictures that with their heart they display, that you might see you as they do.  

May you recognize your divinity in moments of Dali’ism, may you use every fall as a spiritual bath and may you know that love is always in admiration of the ways you continue to stand and ride the waves until the sea is no more [Revelation 21:1].