“He blows his nose all day and it scares the cat.” Marian said.

The fact that he blew his nose all day was nothing new but the cat, specifically the 8-week old kitten, had arrived only the day before.

Alex didn’t know if the statement required a response so remained silent.  

“Years of snorting cocaine, deviated septum. Thirty damn times a day.” she continued. 

Alex blew his nose a lot everyday and wondered if he had a deviated septum also. Though he didn’t snort cocaine like Marian’s husband Bruce had, he did have a brief stint with heroin but preferred to get shots in his ass and not his nose.  It wasn’t the typical spot to shoot up but he was an arm and leg model for the local dispensary so needed to keep himself spotless in those areas.  He wondered if ass shots could cause a deviated septum.

“Alex!” Marian shouted.

“Oh. Sorry. Huh?” he asked.

“Where did you just go?” Marian asked.

“I was thinking about Bruce’s nose and wondering if he’s had his saliva tested.” Alex answered.

“Where the hell did that come from?” Marian replied.

“Kind of out of nowhere I guess. Actually, I was thinking about my ass, then about my last sativa photo session, the one where they placed it on my tongue and blew it up to show the crystals and the shoot took so many takes because I was like a rabid dog with the never-ending saliva, except it was clear, not white like that dog from Turner & Hooch. I forgot how they calmed that dog down but it got me to thinking about stress levels and heart rates cause he destroyed Forrest Gump’s house, real major-like. Point is, I was thinking that noses and tongues are connected, right?” Alex asked.

Marian frowned at him and smiled at the same time. It was moments like these that she wondered which of them was crazier while being grateful she had someone to bounce her craziness against who also understood.  

“Yeah, they’re connected. It wasn’t Forest Gump’s house though, pretty sure it was Captain Phillips and if memory serves me correct, the dog was taken to pediatric emergency where they gave him a eucalyptus bath.  After that I think he calmed down.” Marian said.

“I think you might be right.  Maybe you can convince Bruce to take a eucalyptus bath and it might clear up his deviation and calm his saliva down.” Alex suggested.

“You really think so? Cause the nose blowing really gets on my nerves.” Marian asked.

“Can’t hurt. If it doesn’t clear his nose it might help to clear his mind. Wish it worked on mine but here we are.” Alex said.

“Thanks, I’ll ask him to give it a try.” Marian laughed.

“Thank yourself. You’re the one that always stressed the importance of raising NK cells to care for ourselves after trauma.” Alex smiled.