Living *here* is such an option that when she drives her absence is imperceptible because her physical body hides absence of mind.  Psychology might suggest her psyche is escaping an experience either formerly traumatic or presently too difficult to handle.  But we’re neither psyche nor experience so it isn’t necessary to conjure reasons for the behavior of those whose nature explores or paddles in every stream except the mid. On occasion, the results of such examination illustrates inacceptance of incongruity and human freedoms.

Analysis of mind processes that generated medicinal pathway routes became the fuel behind her efforts to prove she was not inferior and this is where she was drained of her tanks, robbed of reserves and blinded by empty gauges because a world of Chevron psychosis devalues a premium mind and prefers to pay less for the perception of more for self even as man transmutes sludge to gold while remaining meaningless to the world unless becoming less him to better mine caveman walls and return with nuggets of artifice and the sweat of conformity.  

They needed a reason to conform to sweat so in the name of crude oil two lovers went on strike then drove to fields of ethereal memories before getting out of their car to sit naked in flowers and watch it go up in flames of desire.  Their souls had surrendered to stream states and premium nature because their bodies demanded exploration with valued hands driven wild by freedom minds so present with one another that their lovemaking was on public display yet so deeply spiritual that it was hidden from the world.

Their love was on fire and the intensity of the burn was the only renewable source of energy that could save the world from the gallons of hatred pumped out of minds outlined with unstationary ink and filling the unsuspecting with navigational choices of illusion.

The need to stop driving and seeking direction is a guttural cry of the lost and persists until exiting our armored transports and walking in hope to arrive at the destination of our hearts where at last “route guidance is finished”.