Simon was greatly attracted to Ellie and had observed her for months in an effort to determine how best to approach her.  He knew he had something she wanted and more than once felt she was someone he needed.

Her shyness gave him the courage to overcome his so one day he approached, took her hand in his and offered to whisk her away to a magical place called Naked Island.

Ellie accepted his offer, not because he found his courage, not because he took her hand in his and not because he whisked her away but because she knew together they would find the strength hiding in their shyness, because she would hold his hand in hers the same and because she already loved him.

She didn’t know how to explain why Naked Island both scared and excited her but she knew with all her heart she was destined to travel with him.

Simon took her to his ocean home and blindfolded her to build anticipation.  He’d captained them to the other side of the world and once they arrived he removed her blindfold.

He stood before her with the body of a god, naked and unabashed while she stood fully clothed in linen and passion. He closed his eyes and leaned down to kiss her as linens fell away and passion covered them both.  When he opened his eyes he was staring at bone, brittle and unabashed.

It was the shortest trip of many lifetimes that either would ever experience.  Naked Island was a place where Ellie learned why she needed to find her skin and where Simon learned why he needed to bare his bones.

From the outside the trip appeared to be cold and hollow but Ellie and Simon looked only inside without judgement to accept love as it was within them and this is how they learned to be freed.

Freed to live upon the ocean
To sail in their hearts direction
Stand naked in their skin

Freed to reveal 
The weakness of their bones
The inconsistencies of their faith and
The gravitational nature of belief

Freed to stand strong
Upon any foundation
Against any enemy and
In support of those less strong and
Sorrowed by guilted constitution
Inherited by the people

Freed to build
Any creation desired
By the heart

Freed to nurture

Simon and Ellie built a world of love founded within a tunnel they’d created from the souls of one another where he covered her with his skin and she hollowed his bones with hers.

It is undeniable that Simon and Ellie never left Naked Island in its creation.