The house was quiet, it was very late in the evening and suddenly she felt a sharp turn.

Stepping out of bed she walked to the bathroom and quietly closed the door leaving the light off. Although it was dark she closed her eyes, wanting to attune herself to all senses.

The fabric covering her was pink, delicate and see-through. It may as well have been non-existent but she’d worn it that evening specifically to imagine him taking it off of her. She turned on the light and stared at herself in the mirror.

She smiled at herself in wonder, knowing that he saw something she didn’t. He saw what she felt inside and sometimes she felt he was in her mind and looking at the world through her eyes yet still seeing something she didn’t.

She placed her hand over her heart, her breast and looked down remembering his hands, his face and his mouth when it was filled with her. Although his mind had the power to soften her still she wondered what route he’d taken, what coordinates the GPS had provided that led him past all of her sharp points and directly to her heart.

Removing her night gown she stared at herself again in the mirror as her eyes watered. She’d lost so much traction in the care of herself yet when she again picked up the chisel, she realized she was looking at a monument.

She’d been blessed to see sun and moon formed from her womb to radiate in the world. So much had been taken from her form to be planted, fed and resurrected. She knew she was strong but outside of herself he was the only other strong person she knew.

She knew he looked in the mirror just like her, smiling in wonder and knowing she saw something he didn’t.

She stood in the light aroused and wanting while tracing her skin with her eyes and imagining his hands exploring every inch, wandering along all of her curves and taking a dip in all of her wet places. She wanted him to take his time along the scenic routes, to navigate his body upon hers and allow her voice to be the caress of trusted direction.

She’d never been able to explain how he’d been so adept at navigating obscured places to arrive at the destination of her heart yet she’d always felt blessed by his arrival and fortified by immovable turn-aroundable love.