The Five Sensualities
Discovering Recipes of Orgasmic Portions When Sacred Sexuality Strikes
By Sunray Lover

Love: The First Sensuality
Scent: The Second Sensuality
Passion: The Third Sensuality
Touch: The Fourth Sensuality
Exploration: The Fifth Sensuality

Preparation: Step One

One of the first steps to preparing a recipe of orgasmic proportions includes taking stock of your inventory on hand in order to determine what ingredients might need to be secured.

At Five Sensuality Lab we’ve determined the best way to begin is to take your right hand and gently cover it over your left. Often the hand covering the other is warm to the touch which lends itself to creating an immediate sense of warmth followed by a soft grounding energy.

Once this warmth has been maintained for two minutes, we recommend placing 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil into your non-dominant palm. Our lab developers have created a unique blend of orange, lavender and melissa which works to both relax and invigorate a spirit of passion and receptivity.

Still using your non-dominant hand, we ask that you rub the oil directly into your skin in a slow and circular motion in the area above your heart, keeping your palm flat until fully absorbed.

Why the non-dominant hand?
The answer is simple: Exploration, the Fifth Sensuality.

As you discover new recipes of orgasmic proportion you must also be prepared to allow yourself to be explored in unfamiliar ways as you desire to do the same with your partner.

In future posts we will go deeper into Love, The First Sensuality, to reveal its practice in our everyday lives and the opportunities that exist to infuse it non-discriminatingly into each day’s recipes with special focus on those involving sacred sexuality.

Sensual Blessings,