Her Mind told her it was the head and her heart the tail at the same moment her heart told her it was the head and her mind the tail.

They’d both told a very tall tale.

Spirit stood back to witness the battle waiting until both were spent to intervene. When the mind became glitchy and the heart became twitchy she arrived on a horse named Bewitchy.

Riding behind Spirit were two white carriages each holding their wish.

The mind ran to her carriage and gasped when she saw the unicorn head sitting in the leather chair unblinking.

The heart ran to her carriage and cried when she saw the unicorn body lying motionless on the carriage floor.

Soon both the mind and heart jumped from their carriages and ran towards one another until meeting in a warm embrace. The mind wiped the hearts tears away as the heart watered the minds fire. Realizing how lifeless their dreams were individually they made a promise to believe only in the direction of Love and to work together from that day forward to ensure it remained the underlying answer to every question asked.

Placing her arms around them for protection, Spirit smiled.