In my drawer there are a handful of rocks, some polished, some covered in dirt, some engraved and a dark gray one larger than the others, painted with a sunflower on one side and the words “Never Alone” painted on the other.

My daughter found it on a walk with her class last year so brought it home and gave it to me. It may be part of The Kindness Rocks Project but regardless it meant a lot to me. My life had become a loop of looking for a cell phone I was talking on.

I’d been looking for someone and had traveled through every place, path and person I could conceive of that might lead me to them. I never really stopped to listen to anything or I would have known the truth, followed by the ‘duh’ moment received when it dawned on me I was listening to someone speak directly in my ear with ‘lost’ cell phone.

The eyeglasses resting on my head when I leave my desk, the necklace engraved with the words “The journey is the reward”, the second pair of earrings I never take off that are my daughters first pair, the toe ring I never notice until wearing sandals, the dove on my neck and so much more rests on or along my body unnoticed like the ‘lost’ phone.

The day she brought me the rock it reminded me that the only place I’d not looked for him was within me. Since then he too has reminded me of the same by moving forward with action that led me to stop and listen. It reminded me that love does not cool and separate like fat that rises to the top of gravy and hardens.

Every letter, word, story, thought and dream was an intentional whisk to maintain a simmer.

It’s hard to believe how much we are moved by what is outside of us in comparison to what is inside. I don’t consider myself a rock collector yet I always end of up with a handful or two around me.

There is only room for one rock within me and it’s painted in such passionate kindness that the sight of all rocks outside of myself always elicits a smile.

While we spread kindness and love let’s remember the flavor within is the truest Joy.