Maybe it was experimental, replicated, erred purposely.
Installed back in the days of floppy disks and China.
The failed abortion. Too many miles away and not enough gas.
Overpopulation. Nothing aborted though much unwanted.
Until the Visitation of the Mushrooms.
Then questions began without guilt.
What would they have grown into if adopted?
Would they still operate as sluts, fucking everything and everyone they saw without discrimination?
Would they still risk life and fuck around with zero protection.
Fertile from day one to now.
All related and fucking one another.
Cross-contaminating. Cross-culturating. Cross-Dressing. Cross-Burning.
Copulating. Copulating. Copulating.
Thoughts. Sounds.
Demolition after Demolition
Simultaneous Construction.
Without Constructive Thought.

Licensed contractors. No job complete. No room to build.
She hides incestuous bastards.
Beneath her bangs.