Yesterday morning they found me at the lake. Told them I was moonshine huntin’. They said the sun was out and I was howling at my sober reflection in the water.

They asked why I was howling so I told ‘em all about my life cycles. Told ‘em I didn’t have no reflection. Not in no water anyhow. Told ‘em light beams are prisms and that every prism is a fractal and every fractal impermanent. Least I thought it was something like that.

They didn’t say nothin’ so I asked ‘em why they suppose they’re not in the mirror when they walk away. Course they just stared down at my breasts cause I’d been howling my love song all the morning in naked yearnin’ like a blue jay bird. I had no mind to cover myself and right then they had no mind to offer their coats so I just kept on talkin’.

Told ‘em it ain’t so, that all we ever see are fractals and prisms, that even the lake in her wonder and calm ain’t ever been introduced to a thing so striking in nature that she keeps a photo of ’em forever on the surface. Though I did backtrack to except trees, flowers, mountains and things but I was just meaning folk-like photos.

It turned out that maybe I shouldn’t said all I said that cause they gathered round me, wrapped me in some awful uncomfortable plastic shroud and said they were taking me to a place where a hold would be put on me.

I just about died and begged ‘em to let me have a minute alone on my knees to say a prayer of thanks that my dream of being held was not only coming true but by some miracle included a magical cavalry to deliver me directly.

Well you won’t believe this but after I got up and off my knees and scraped away the mud I realized those summa bitches had told me the most misleading thing ever. They meant they were escortin’ me to the crazy penitentiary for a few days. Come to find out my dream hold was startin’ with a ‘P’ and ending with a psych.

Shhh. Just between us it ain’t all that bad. Couple nights at the lake I did get frostbite but that pain never did compare to the ache in my soul. Not ever. Ain’t nobody but somebody that done felt love take ‘em inside out of themselves, twist ‘em around like a twizzler, dip ‘em in chocolate, melt ‘em then solo drip tango tap dance into imaginary cotton candy floors would understand. I suspect there’s still a few of those folks living today. Probably one down a few doors from me right now.

I am this moment quite grateful for this soft bed cause for the purposes of my achin’ soul I feel him near me and wanna stay in his rhythm.

Tonight I aim to become circadian and hold him. It’s prisms and fractals, the wanting to be held and wanting to hold. We ain’t always got to see it to know which it is we feel.

I’m hoping we get a spot next to the lake cause I bet she’d reflect us forever like those non folk-like things in nature.