Inspired by a walking meditation…

Dearest Love,

Happy is my soul today for in this walk I embrace us. With the deepest intake of air my lungs can withstand we are being born with each new footstep.

Tomorrow’s dreams are safely floating in today’s ink as our passion has been poured so freely atop the ocean of our spirits all this time and with such intensity that we’ve created our own gulf ink wells.

So many nights have we pumped out our hearts and minds fearing our hearts and minds. Reaching, pulling, following and warning. Like me, love me, hate me but don’t go cause reality is us. Don’t take our reality and call it tomorrow, a dream, a phase, a season or a mistake because right now my skin tingles in harmonic resonance each time my lips move to form the sound of your name.

So inspired by our light that even the trees have cried while shading us and our fingers are sticky from their tears. We’ve become saplings grappling to claim alternate realities, reaching out to the other quietly, accidentally on purpose, touching, always touching with fingerprints that scan the others heart for inspection, offering affection, protection, connection.

Joyful is my mind today for in this walk I see my wish has long been granted but did not before see. Whatever is your wish love know it has been granted too.

We are perfectly blessed.

The earth behind us cracks as we move forward and in our silent exhalation embraces the moisture of the past and attempts to remold herself from our recent footprints. Every fall leaf in the woods attempts in her crinkling to break our purposed walk. She desires our return and wants to be consoled.

Every fall leaf fears what they will become in their rebirth, even more, they fear not knowing which tree will be their new home or how much time they have before fall comes for them again.

In our walk we may always hear her plaintive cry and each time we look back it will be clear how she has changed though never so much as she has changed us.

In peace darling,
Always for and with you