Nothing arrives in our lives without invitation and nothing is seen without vision.
Never have I stopped asking questions, regardless the willful expression of my needs or desires.

Love. Friendship. Help. Clarity. Patience. Joy. Understanding. Peace.

The universe is hard-wired to generate any and all experiences required for the evolution of the soul. Accordingly, every ask returns an answer in proportion to the energy of the question(s).

There is a quote long around that says, “When in doubt, zoom out.” I am not sure who first wrote it or said it but it prompted this question:

What if a ‘zoomed out’ person has only practiced ‘zooming in’ when in doubt?

I knew the question was an invitation to the energy that would introduce the theory of zooming out, in which case I could test the validity of both theories based on my own truths.

If the answer to the ask of Love feels harsh, and we know that Love is not harsh, then maybe we are being shown that there is a harshness within us requiring our attention and that if we apply ourselves in the effort of resolving that pain, we will find Love beneath. See it within.

Though we may sometimes feel as if we attract people or situations that are undeserved, it might be that our soul has asked to receive those people or situations in our life so that we may determine for ourselves what within us feels undeserving and if we apply ourselves in the effort of resolving this pain, we will find Worthiness beneath. See it within.

If we believe this, then we’d need to acknowledge that what appears (and disappears) from our life is not the answer so much as the lead required for aligning ourselves to the answer(s). In other words, when you don’t see love, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. If you’ve asked then you know it is there but that also there is required work to know the truth inherent within you, that you may see and no longer have need to ask.

The couriers in your life always deliver what you’ve ordered even when you don’t immediately recognize the contents.

[Prompt: Fall asleep to sound meditations interrupted by Esther Hicks]