It was a hot summer day in the town of Fagoo and wiping my sweat was all I could do.

The heat was unbearable and my clothes were all wet
They stuck to my back because of the sweat
I had to do something to cool myself down
So scratched my head with an odd sort of frown
I found an old tree that had lots of shade
Where a little boy sat selling pink lemonade
Could this be the answer? It was worth a try
I dug deep in my pockets and wanted to cry
I pulled out a ball and a piece of gum
A yo-yo, some chalk and a blue toy gun
I pulled out a whistle, a shoelace, a ring
And even found a funny fuzzy thing
I pulled out some glasses I hated to wear
Two marbles, a bottle cap and a piece of hair
I pulled out a key chain, a play car and top
But not even here did the pulling stop
I pulled out moms picture that was torn and aged
And even found seeds from our old bird cage
I pulled out a wrapper from something I ate
And a splinter of wood off of some old gate
I pulled out a lock, a needle and thread
And a purple crayon found under my bed

I will offer you anything, anything you like
I’ll even give you my brand new bike
You can have my glove and bat if you wish
And even my last piece of licorice
I’ll give you my shoes and baseball cap
I’ll work your stand if you need a nap

All I ask is a very small favor
On this hottest day of year
One glass of pink lemonade
For anything you see here

The boy had a laugh at all of these things
The licorice, the ball and even the ring
I don’t need a toy gun or shoes I can’t wear
Not even a key chain or that car over there
I don’t need a whistle or picture of mom
Not a needle, a thread or a purple crayon
I don’t need that shoelace, that yo-yo or chalk
If I wore those glasses I couldn’t walk
I have plenty of bottle caps and marbles at home
They’re up in my room next to my phone
I don’t need a bat, or a glove today
Cause I never really learned to play
Your gum and wrapper do me no good
Not even the lock or that piece of wood
I like your new bike but I have one of my own
It’s got old tires and a reddish brown tone
What would I even do with that string of hair?
Not to mention that funny fuzzy thing there

It’s a very hot day even in this shade
So I’ll just give you this glass of
Pink Lemonade