Each letter a headcount
Each word a familiar name
Intent to surround and seduce
Her sense(s) with their sound(s)

Instinct was to lash out | To run
Eventually she stopped to listen

There were however too many voices
Too many innuendos
Too many lessons wanting to be imparted

Efforts were born of either
Deep contempt and hate or
Deep admiration and love

They can mimic one another
Even sometimes be the same
Interpreting both ways hurt

She loves him
Even if he doesn’t love her
This is her reality

She dreams of him
Even if he doesn’t dream of her
Still this is her reality

She longs for him
Even if she is not a thought
There is a place within her
Carved before time and
Saved for him
That she rests within

Maybe her searching seems
Unhealthy and Fruitless
Maybe her dreaming seems
Uncontrolled and Childish
Maybe her thoughts seem
Possessed and Intrusive

Maybe she finds happiness
In puzzles
Magic in dreams and
Faith in whatever is to be

She was going to run
Yet again and in truth
She did start

Yet she remains to stay
Further to express this way

If it is judgement
She says to you, “Judge”
If it is pity
She says to you, “Pity”
If it is hate
She says to you, “Hate”
If it is love
She says to you, “Love”

Your will is no matter
To the structure of her heart or
Beauty of her mind

She yearns to know
The love her soul has forever
Whispered to her about

The longing is part fuel
For her journey
Which words
Can never exhaust

She dreams of a gentle look
A soft touch
Skin meeting hers
To be known

There are no Riddles,
Haikus or Questions
In existence to alter
Her dreams or her love

She has quieted as much
As possible while
Maintaining freedom of

She is free to love so
Love she will

Loneliness cannot last
Forever and
Like hunger, we tend to
Find ways to be fed

Lest death be a chosen alternative

Her expression is how
She eats
Either join her in Love or
Leave her in Peace