Cheese seemed a fitting aisle to be standing in when the tears came. It was a sniffle and soon became an uncontrollable wave of emotion. She knew it was coming because she’d held it in for so long.

The sight of cheeseballs triggered a Christmas memory and apparently she could make tears of sorrow appear to be tears of laughter by adding a deep and slightly maniacal chuckle.

She’d spent the day intermittently pouring into herself words of positivity, right thinking, faith, cross-bearing and hope down each ear, her throat, heart and in seconds all disappeared, eaten by emotions that had buried questioning the purpose of sustenance from birth to grave.

Mirages are seen at rest and upon them float the weight of her test as she stands frozen in the middle of a crosswalk at best. To the left her name is called with demand for a nickel while to the right her actions are judged with request for a standard dime. Children behind her play as adults in front wage wars.

When she moves, they eat. When they eat, she is still.

Empty and opening to words that fly above, she eagerly envelopes all without filter, drowning out the clarity of faith until the air becomes one long and unending siren.

She spontaneously combusts

To Become
Snow and Ash

Though she’d been known to fall, never did she experience the redeeming heart of autumn’s turning leaves.